My dream world

At night , at day
I’m always in my world
At dawn or evening
In total different world

I wander around
In my imagination
The weird thoughts of mine
Are trailer of my passion

No stress, no tension
Just play and have fun
You’ll be the king here
No fear for what’s done

I know , what thoughts are on your mind
You wanna , you wanna
You wanna visit my dream world
My dream world
My dream world
My dream world

Walk freely on the streets
If you want, you can sleep
Just try to be calm first
Or just throw a fit

Oh yeah
Just do …. What you … Want to do
No one …. Will here…. Judge you or stop you

Do you wan’
Do you wan’
Do you wan’ visit my dream world

Oh yeah
My dream world
Oh yeah
My dream world

I will wait

how I wonder to have wings
I’m so good at dreaming silly things

you know why I wanna fly
why I wanna roam in the sky

cuz I know you are up there
on the top of the world somewhere

I wanna reach you
I wanna touch you

I ask myself often
what if we never meet
the answer I get from inside
it’s just too sweet

the voice inside me shouts

I will wait

if not in this lifetime
maybe in another life

I will wait

if not in a life
even if in afterlife

I will wait

without getting depressed
without being in despair
without giving up

I will wait

The rain

I am standing in the rain
with an umbrella in my hand
I don’t want to open it
let the rain soak me
do I want to hide my tears
or I want to feel the rain
the water drops scrolling my face
I don’t if my eyes are raining
the cold breeze
it makes me freeze
I am moving a bit
I don’t want to
I am not saving myself
I don’t want to
please let me be
please let me live
I am not even breathing
I don’t want to……..

Just some random thoughts ( Urdu poetry)

चांद की तलाश में निकले, तारो को हमसफ़र मानकर
नया सफर शुरू किया , आसमान को रहगुजर मानकर

बेताब हूं जानने को, चांद की चमक का राज क्या है
इस चांदनी में आखिर ऐसी आखिर बात क्या है

इस चमक ने यारो मुझे कुछ यूं हैरान किया है
देखो कैसे चांदनी ने हमें चांद के दागो से अनजान किया है

खूबसूरती के आगे इस चांदनी की लोग दागो को भूल जाते है
यह तो इंसानों की एक गलती पर, उसके सौ अच्छे कामों को भूल जाते है

You are to me

I saw you last night,

You were in my dream

I was like a cupcake

And you were my cream

I wanna see you, wanna see you

Everyday every night

I don’t wanna know, don’t wanna know

What’s wrong and what’s right

You see me, I see you

You heal me I heal you

I wanna meet you, wanna meet you

Everyday every night

You are like my moon, just like my moon

You’re shining so bright

When I’m talking with you

When I’m walking with you

I feel like I’m in the sky

I am flying high and high

I wanna get you, wanna get you

At the price of my life

I’m ready to do ready to do

walking on the edge of knife

I wrote this song for you

I am singing for you

I was a loser forever

But now I am just winning for you

I wanna hear you , wanna hear you

Every day , every night

I wanna tell you , wanna tell you

You’ll be forever what you are to me


I have much to do today. I just washed utensils and now I am going to do cleaning. Dusting, moping and all.

after that I will write updated for my novels. ‘ love internship story of jazzelle’ it’s the title of my story. I have started this novel maybe 6-7 months ago. and gave up in middle as I am used to.

I always start something and when I find it difficult or boring I eventually stop doing it. but then I started it again. you might not believe or might definitely believe if I say it qas because of BTS…… more accurately namjoon sir.

I listened the song ‘ no more dream’ of course I didn’t understand anything since it’s in Korean language and I am Indian I do think understand Korean.

but it felt like this song was triggering me… I checked the translation of this song…… it was asking me what’s my dream…. if I don’t have one that I should create one…. and when I create it… I should chase it…. I dreamt about being a writer when I was in 8th standard…. but as I said I never took it seriously…

after listening this song I questioned myself that what’s there I am most passionate about and an answer popped up out of nowhere…. it was writting

…. I started the novel again and started Publishing it on a online platform MANGATOOON. I do think have many readers but those who read it seems to like it. the novel will end soon. I can’t say how happy I am.

I know it’s not a big deal. nowadays there are many people writing novels. many kids on MANGATOOON are contracted writers. they’ve written many nocela but the first is first. it’s the first novel I will complete so it places a very special place in my ofcourse. I actually wasnt going to talk about this when i started writing this post…. I was just gonna say that I jave much to do but still I am scrolling weverse and pinterest… but end up by saying all this….. what a chatterbox😜

Meet my bestie

hey ya friends…. I wonder how many of you still has their childhood toys with you …. meet my best friend my bunny… a.a. don’t think I am talking about jungkook sir.. because my this best friend came into my life when I was only 8 months old…. yeah… and now I am almost 20 years let’s say 19 …. I don’t want to leave my teenage…😅😄😄😁😁

so #jungkook_sir sorry to say but there is already a bunny in my life that came before you…. I love him a little bit more than you… it was bought by my grandma when she visited our one religious place in Egypt….. she bought it for me…

wait.. don’t think anything… she is still alive and is very healthy touch wood she is in her 90s maybe… but she is fit than us…. isn’t it great … I wish she stay healthy and fit like this for the rest of her life……

thanks grandma for connecting me with jungkook sir from sooo very before…… okay I ended up by connecting my bunny with jungkook sir…. but what to do after becoming an ARMY whatever I do whatever I say whatever I see I only think of BTS…..I find BTS everywhere from nowhere……

I like taking care of things the most. Specially those which are with me from a long time.

Like my watch, I bought it 4 years ago. My brother paid for it. It stopped working 1 year ago but I didn’t throw it…. And this year I repaired it and it started working again.

Even if it stops working after sometime I am not gonna throw it….

Bye bye my hands🤧😭 (exams are here)

Hey friends…… *Sigh*

Yes… Exams…. Exams are coming.

This whole year I haven’t studied…. I am not the one to blame….. The pine classes were never good because of network issues, second we didn’t have books, and third after opening college for two months they stopped online classes as well

And now we are gonna have exam fever.

Although it’s open book exam but the thing is……… I’ve forgotten to hold pen now.

I’ve been only typing and forgotten how to write…..

We have 9 subjects…. We have to write 20 pages for each subject to get only Passing marks….

And …….. And we will only have 5 days to write this

9 subjects – 5 days……

Why don’t you just kill us…… 😭😭😭😭😭

Bye bye my hands …. I loved you and I will miss you….. I know after writing non stop for this 5 days… You will leave me…… I will miss you my hands…. You help d me a lot and thank you for serving me whole this time.

I am sor y for not being able to save you 😭😭😭 bye bye 🤧🤧🤧🤧

When we meet (fun poem with BTS)

the day we will meet,I don’t know what will I do

You see I don’t know what to write but I still I do

will I be jumping like kangaroo or climbing on you like koala

would I be eating kimchi with you, or you will order lachimolala

will I just see you from afar or holding you tight

will we drink cola together or be drinking sprite

when we will meet , will you ask about my study

you’ll be looking like human or I’ll take you as bunny

I am just writing non sense, even I don’t mean it

I was just scroll some memes and I’ve seen it

I wanna shake hands with you, and see you for sure

but let me make it clear my love for you is pure

I want to meet you and show my gratitude

want to thank you for changing my attitude