I know it well

How the sun rises
And how moon disappears
How the Rain washes this earth
By shedding its tears

How the tree bents down
By the weight of its fruits
And how it hides well
Its pain under the roots

The river travels the earth
But never gets tired
The birds flies around
‘Cause they never fears of height

A little butterfly
Roams around in the valley
Explore each of the flowers there
That honey must feel heavy

How all of them works, you don’t need to tell
Because I do KNOW IT WELL

My dream world

At night , at day
I’m always in my world
At dawn or evening
In total different world

I wander around
In my imagination
The weird thoughts of mine
Are trailer of my passion

No stress, no tension
Just play and have fun
You’ll be the king here
No fear for what’s done

I know , what thoughts are on your mind
You wanna , you wanna
You wanna visit my dream world
My dream world
My dream world
My dream world

Walk freely on the streets
If you want, you can sleep
Just try to be calm first
Or just throw a fit

Oh yeah
Just do …. What you … Want to do
No one …. Will here…. Judge you or stop you

Do you wan’
Do you wan’
Do you wan’ visit my dream world

Oh yeah
My dream world
Oh yeah
My dream world

the winter nights

In the winter nights
I am waiting for you
Under the moonlight
I’m looking for you

The cold breeze, the snow flakes
Touches my cheeks and passes by

I remember your touch

You used to hold me tight
In the winter nights

In the winter nights
Now I’m alone
There’s none
Whom I can hug
Who can make me warm

I can never forget

Those winter nights
Those foggy streets
That snowman
And those snow fights

I’ll keep waiting for you

In the winter nights
I’m waiting for you
Under the moonlight
I’m looking for you

I can see my way ahead
But you aren’t here
A snowman, we made together
Only he is here

This breeze will take me
I’ll go with its flow
I hope you will see me
In future when I glow

I’ll be waiting
I’ll keep waiting
I am Waiting

In the winter nights
I’ll be waiting for you
Under moonlight
I’ll be looking for you

The cold breeze, the snow flakes
Touches my cheeks and passes by

I’ll remember, I’ll remember
I’ll remember the winter nights

Beauty of stars in the winter nights
Makes me feel that I’m in paradise
From my room when I look up there
I just can’t take off my eyes

Oh yeah the winter nights
Oh yeah the winter nights
Oh yeah the winter nights

Am I complicated?

Guys now I am in a terrible mood. I want your help to figure out something.

So the thing is, I had fight with my best friend. Now I don’t know if I am wrong or right. He says I’m complicated, but I say he doesn’t understand me.

He said he want to read my stories so I sent him the link. He said he is reading the stories. I asked him to like the chapters cuz it will help me promote my story and make a comment too. Cuz I wanted to know if he enjoying the story or not.

And guess what…. He actually made a comment *srs* this was the comment. It’s a gujrati word that means nice.

Now you must be thinking why am I angry… He says this word whenever he has nothing else say. He just made the comment to show me that *see I did it now stop asking me the same thing.*

Although he didn’t say this but doesn’t this mean exactly that. Now just think about about it ypu ask your friend for reading your blog and they come and slap this so called nice word and leave ….. Won’t you feel bad. It makes me look like I am asking for favours.

If he doesn’t know how to make comment he should have just said that story is interesting or character setting is good… Whatever but what is the meaning of this formality.

And this isn’t the first time. Even before he asked me to write a poem for his college competition. I was so happy that he likes and trusts my writing skills that’s why he asked me to write it for him but then I got to know that he asked his other four friends too.

He said it was just for a backup plan. Like seriously. He says I’m complicated but don’t I have right to get mad.

I wouldn’t have gotten angry if those friends of him were into poems but they don’t even know how to write poem and he asked them for backup of mine. I thought he trusts me but it turned out I was just one of his choices.

Guys tell me if you were me weren’t you have gotten mad?

Oh my love

I wanna Love you
I wanna hug you
I wanna meet you
Cuz I miss you
Oh oh oh oh

Oh my love, love , love love love

You and I
We are just perfect
Our couple
It’s made in heaven

Oh my love love love love love

The flowers blooming
The world is grooming
Everyone is happy, everything is happy
Cuz we are getting well together

Oh my love love love love love love

Let’s just roam around
In this endless sky
Hand in hand, arm and arm
We will walk through the stars

Let’s find place to stay
It should be so far
Only you and only me
We will have a new start

Oh my love love love love love

Let’s fight with each other
Let’s make it up soon enough
Even if I don’t say sorry
You must do it quick enough

I’m devil
You be an angel
Just say I’m pretty
From every single angle

Oh my love love love love love

I wanna hug you
I kiss you
I wanna meet you
Cuz I miss you

Oh my love love love love love

The rain

I am standing in the rain
with an umbrella in my hand
I don’t want to open it
let the rain soak me
do I want to hide my tears
or I want to feel the rain
the water drops scrolling my face
I don’t if my eyes are raining
the cold breeze
it makes me freeze
I am moving a bit
I don’t want to
I am not saving myself
I don’t want to
please let me be
please let me live
I am not even breathing
I don’t want to……..

Just some random thoughts ( Urdu poetry)

चांद की तलाश में निकले, तारो को हमसफ़र मानकर
नया सफर शुरू किया , आसमान को रहगुजर मानकर

बेताब हूं जानने को, चांद की चमक का राज क्या है
इस चांदनी में आखिर ऐसी आखिर बात क्या है

इस चमक ने यारो मुझे कुछ यूं हैरान किया है
देखो कैसे चांदनी ने हमें चांद के दागो से अनजान किया है

खूबसूरती के आगे इस चांदनी की लोग दागो को भूल जाते है
यह तो इंसानों की एक गलती पर, उसके सौ अच्छे कामों को भूल जाते है

It all started with just knowing your names

It all started with just knowing your name

I’m not sure if I just fall for your fame

When I saw you at first, you looked so good

Just looking at your smile lifted up my mood

I can not forget how desperate I was to know you

The feelings are still as the first time I saw you

I started to stalk you bit by bit

The sparkle of love was growing lit by lit

I never thought I’ll come this far

Your love is like I am being out behind the bar

I don’t see a way out of this place

But this love somewhat brings me grace

I like you voice, I fall for your smile

I wish to walk with you far away many mile

I know I am just one drop of the ocean

But I’ll be satisfy if I get very little of your love portion

Finding you was the best thing happened to me

Words can not explain what you have done to me

Knowing about you was the decision I made

Now I’m never gon’ change and I’m never gon’ trade

In my life you’ve become my glitter

Please let say once that I’m your filter

Because of you I found a new friend group

Now we enjoy together our chicken noodle soup

You are so healing just like mother’s care

Listen your voice makes me sleep like a winter bear

The place you are it becomes utopia

Cuz for me you are my Euphoria

I don’t care if people think it’s sin

I’ll keep doing it cuz all I do is win

It will take long but I wanna meet you soon

I shine with you light cuz you are my moon

I will never say give up or I’m tired

I’ll always be bright because I’m moonchild

ARMY is a big family ⟭⟬ ⟬⟭

my henna designing skills aren’t very good but it isn’t bad either as I think.

so let’s wanna tell you a story today

a few days ago my sister in law posted some of our pictures on her WhatsApp status and that time I designed a BTS -ARMY design henna just like this ….. so one of her friend asked her that she has BTS -ARMY logo in her henna design so your sister Is she an ARMY…. after that she asked for my number so that she can have a chat with me about BTS……. and now we have group of BTS army

….. we are around 7-8 girls there…. we don’t know anything about each other still we have fun in group and we all talk like we know each other for ages…..

isn’t this amazing I mean we trust each other, we support each other… and the reason is just that we all love BTS. and we are ARMY

….. saying it that I am an ARMY I become family for that each girl/ boy who love BTS.

being an ARMY feels like my identity now. rather than my name or something I can make family like friends just by saying I am an ARMY and I love BTS….. it’s really amazing…