I have much to do today. I just washed utensils and now I am going to do cleaning. Dusting, moping and all.

after that I will write updated for my novels. ‘ love internship story of jazzelle’ it’s the title of my story. I have started this novel maybe 6-7 months ago. and gave up in middle as I am used to.

I always start something and when I find it difficult or boring I eventually stop doing it. but then I started it again. you might not believe or might definitely believe if I say it qas because of BTS…… more accurately namjoon sir.

I listened the song ‘ no more dream’ of course I didn’t understand anything since it’s in Korean language and I am Indian I do think understand Korean.

but it felt like this song was triggering me… I checked the translation of this song…… it was asking me what’s my dream…. if I don’t have one that I should create one…. and when I create it… I should chase it…. I dreamt about being a writer when I was in 8th standard…. but as I said I never took it seriously…

after listening this song I questioned myself that what’s there I am most passionate about and an answer popped up out of nowhere…. it was writting

…. I started the novel again and started Publishing it on a online platform MANGATOOON. I do think have many readers but those who read it seems to like it. the novel will end soon. I can’t say how happy I am.

I know it’s not a big deal. nowadays there are many people writing novels. many kids on MANGATOOON are contracted writers. they’ve written many nocela but the first is first. it’s the first novel I will complete so it places a very special place in my ofcourse. I actually wasnt going to talk about this when i started writing this post…. I was just gonna say that I jave much to do but still I am scrolling weverse and pinterest… but end up by saying all this….. what a chatterbox😜

When we meet (fun poem with BTS)

the day we will meet,I don’t know what will I do

You see I don’t know what to write but I still I do

will I be jumping like kangaroo or climbing on you like koala

would I be eating kimchi with you, or you will order lachimolala

will I just see you from afar or holding you tight

will we drink cola together or be drinking sprite

when we will meet , will you ask about my study

you’ll be looking like human or I’ll take you as bunny

I am just writing non sense, even I don’t mean it

I was just scroll some memes and I’ve seen it

I wanna shake hands with you, and see you for sure

but let me make it clear my love for you is pure

I want to meet you and show my gratitude

want to thank you for changing my attitude

Lazy me!!!!

Hello!!! No novels for today…… Why???

Because I am lazy……

Actually all updates are already written. I’ve posted them on mangatoon profile too…… I only need to copy paste it here on WordPress……. But I am too lazy to do that…..

I will just come …….. Talk with you through my blog……. And keep writing my story on mangatoon…….

Today I just came to inform you this……

Now my blog will become my digital diary…….. What happens in the day or what non sense thought comes to mind all day long, I’ll just share with you.

I am gonna share my stupid dreams and funny experiences too……..

For now… Bye bye……

And yes… If there is someone who is reading my novels actually and gon’ miss it…. Let me know….

My experience on Mangatoon😂😂😂

Hey guys. .. I am here with some funny stuff that I want to share with you

So you know that I’ve writing and publishing my novels on a comic/novel reading app named Mangatoon/noveltoon

It’s really nice app….. There many interesting comics, novels and chat stories.. I also upload some short stories, novels and I write one chat story too.

About my experience it’s hilarious. Totally hilarious.😂😂😂😂

First of all…… There are oy kids…… Most of them are 13-14 years old. They are writing chat stories and all.

The first thing that makes me laugh like hell is the fanfictions …….

Mangatoon is filled with ARMY most of them are BTS fans. So they write fanfics. Normal right….. I am also writing a fanfiction of BTS ‘ author of the Idols ‘ so what is so funny… Right???

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this kids are writing gay love or boy’s love……. This lil kids are actually making BTS memebers into gays and shipping them……… Those stories are so famous so famous that there authors have fans now………. 😂😂😂😂

Okay fine being gay isn’t wrong, homosexual love stories aren’t bad….. But the making me laugh is actually not that they writing homosexual love stories……….

The thing that make laugh like crazy is that they show………… They show man gets pregnant 😂😂😂😂😂😂

In every story there’s man gets pregnant…….. I asked someone that why do everyone write this…..

They said it’s trending…..😂😂😂. Man getting pregnant and giving birth is trending 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

And after this I was like….. What the hell is going on…… This kids should be watching cartoons and what are they writing and reading here…..

You don’t respect your age .. okay

You don’t respect your idols ….. Okay

But at least respect the nature and the God……… How I mean who was the first one to think that man get pregnant……

There are categories of men…. Alpha, beta, omega, delta, and gamma……

And according to this fiction…. Omega man can get pregnant and can give birth……..

I want to meet that person who came up with this thought…..

Yaaaa now if giving birth will be done by man….. What are woman’s are for…… Should we just find some other planet to live…….