To my mentor

waiting for you is the thing I can do
loving you Is the only thing I can do
for you I am willing to do anything
wishing for you is the thing I can do

you teach me, you are my mentor
are you willing to keep teaching me
I am writing and keeping you in mind
are you willing to once reading me

on this day I want to give something
but you have everything
but still there is something
will you accept this small gift

except my words
there’s nothing I can give away
I wish you happy life
and your success to stay

I will wait

how I wonder to have wings
I’m so good at dreaming silly things

you know why I wanna fly
why I wanna roam in the sky

cuz I know you are up there
on the top of the world somewhere

I wanna reach you
I wanna touch you

I ask myself often
what if we never meet
the answer I get from inside
it’s just too sweet

the voice inside me shouts

I will wait

if not in this lifetime
maybe in another life

I will wait

if not in a life
even if in afterlife

I will wait

without getting depressed
without being in despair
without giving up

I will wait

Getting in trouble

Getting into trouble is just like my hobby
I don’t wanna change it
And I’m not gonna change it
Doing some rebels is just like my passion
I don’t wanna change it
And I’m not gonna change it

You see
I’ll never have any regrets in my life

You see
I will keep the smile for the rest of my life

When you are down in phone
I’ll be flying high and high
When you are drown in snaps
I’ll be touching the sky
I’ll fly, I’ll smile, I’ll do what I want
You try, you cry you’d be taking as grant

So live as you like, do what you want
Stop thinking too much, give it a try
This world is piece of sh*t
If you wait you’ll cry

So get up from your bed
Go on your way
They pull you down
You just need to say

Getting into trouble is just like my hobby
I don’t wanna change it
And I’m not gonna change it

Doing some Rebels is just like my passion
I don’t wanna change it
And I’m not gonna change it

I don’t wanna change it

And I’m not gonna change it

I don’t wanna change it


Take it

It all started with just knowing your names

It all started with just knowing your name

I’m not sure if I just fall for your fame

When I saw you at first, you looked so good

Just looking at your smile lifted up my mood

I can not forget how desperate I was to know you

The feelings are still as the first time I saw you

I started to stalk you bit by bit

The sparkle of love was growing lit by lit

I never thought I’ll come this far

Your love is like I am being out behind the bar

I don’t see a way out of this place

But this love somewhat brings me grace

I like you voice, I fall for your smile

I wish to walk with you far away many mile

I know I am just one drop of the ocean

But I’ll be satisfy if I get very little of your love portion

Finding you was the best thing happened to me

Words can not explain what you have done to me

Knowing about you was the decision I made

Now I’m never gon’ change and I’m never gon’ trade

In my life you’ve become my glitter

Please let say once that I’m your filter

Because of you I found a new friend group

Now we enjoy together our chicken noodle soup

You are so healing just like mother’s care

Listen your voice makes me sleep like a winter bear

The place you are it becomes utopia

Cuz for me you are my Euphoria

I don’t care if people think it’s sin

I’ll keep doing it cuz all I do is win

It will take long but I wanna meet you soon

I shine with you light cuz you are my moon

I will never say give up or I’m tired

I’ll always be bright because I’m moonchild


I have much to do today. I just washed utensils and now I am going to do cleaning. Dusting, moping and all.

after that I will write updated for my novels. ‘ love internship story of jazzelle’ it’s the title of my story. I have started this novel maybe 6-7 months ago. and gave up in middle as I am used to.

I always start something and when I find it difficult or boring I eventually stop doing it. but then I started it again. you might not believe or might definitely believe if I say it qas because of BTS…… more accurately namjoon sir.

I listened the song ‘ no more dream’ of course I didn’t understand anything since it’s in Korean language and I am Indian I do think understand Korean.

but it felt like this song was triggering me… I checked the translation of this song…… it was asking me what’s my dream…. if I don’t have one that I should create one…. and when I create it… I should chase it…. I dreamt about being a writer when I was in 8th standard…. but as I said I never took it seriously…

after listening this song I questioned myself that what’s there I am most passionate about and an answer popped up out of nowhere…. it was writting

…. I started the novel again and started Publishing it on a online platform MANGATOOON. I do think have many readers but those who read it seems to like it. the novel will end soon. I can’t say how happy I am.

I know it’s not a big deal. nowadays there are many people writing novels. many kids on MANGATOOON are contracted writers. they’ve written many nocela but the first is first. it’s the first novel I will complete so it places a very special place in my ofcourse. I actually wasnt going to talk about this when i started writing this post…. I was just gonna say that I jave much to do but still I am scrolling weverse and pinterest… but end up by saying all this….. what a chatterbox😜

तुम मुझे जीने से नहीं रोक सकते

ज़रूरत मुस्कान की थी, और हम अश्को को प्यार समझ बैठे

जिसने हमें इंसान तक ना समझा, हम उस यार समझ बैठे

बात अगर दिल तोड़ने की होती, तो माफ़ कर भी दिया होता

अगर तुमने अपने नापाक हाथो से, मेरे जिस्म को छुआ नहीं होता

रोती रही, गिड़गिड़ाती रही, मै अस्मत के लिए मेरी

पर बना दिया था जानवर, तुझे उस हवस ने तेरी

मोहब्बत ना समझा तुमने अपनी, ये हमने मान लिया होता

मगर एक इंसान थी मै, काम से काम इतना जान लिया होता

कितनी बेबस और कमजोर थी मै, ये समझ गई थी मै

प्यार है या हवस है, इन सवालों में उलझ गई थी मै

पर ये जान लो की भरोसा करना छोडूंगी नहीं मै

संभलूंगी इस दुनिया में हर कदम पर, पर इसे छोडूंगी नहीं मै

उस वक्त चाहे कमजोर थी, पर अब कमजोर नहीं पड़ना है

जीना है अपनी ज़िन्दगी शान से, सपनों को पूरा करना है

मरना नहीं है, और ना ही घुट घुट कर जीने का इरादा है

हंसना है, मुस्कुराना है, जीना है जी भरके ये मेरा खुद से वादा है

I am not giving up

I didn’t start for you

Why should I end it for you

I don’t live for you

Why would I give up for you

I am not giving up

Keep speaking ill of me

I won’t get sick

Like those trend followers

Your damn toes, I am gonna lick

If I show my strength you’ll be like *gulp*

I am not giving up

Be aware of me, I am a wolf

Don’t trigger me I’ll tear your silly trend apart

Let me live the way I want

From now on my journey start

See me from a far, eat your food and keep on burp

Cuz I am not giving up

If you wanna criticize me, do it

If you wanna drag me down, try it

If you wanna curse me, give it

But then leave quietly and never show up

Know that, I am not giving up