Bye bye my hands🤧😭 (exams are here)

Hey friends…… *Sigh*

Yes… Exams…. Exams are coming.

This whole year I haven’t studied…. I am not the one to blame….. The pine classes were never good because of network issues, second we didn’t have books, and third after opening college for two months they stopped online classes as well

And now we are gonna have exam fever.

Although it’s open book exam but the thing is……… I’ve forgotten to hold pen now.

I’ve been only typing and forgotten how to write…..

We have 9 subjects…. We have to write 20 pages for each subject to get only Passing marks….

And …….. And we will only have 5 days to write this

9 subjects – 5 days……

Why don’t you just kill us…… 😭😭😭😭😭

Bye bye my hands …. I loved you and I will miss you….. I know after writing non stop for this 5 days… You will leave me…… I will miss you my hands…. You help d me a lot and thank you for serving me whole this time.

I am sor y for not being able to save you 😭😭😭 bye bye 🤧🤧🤧🤧

When we meet (fun poem with BTS)

the day we will meet,I don’t know what will I do

You see I don’t know what to write but I still I do

will I be jumping like kangaroo or climbing on you like koala

would I be eating kimchi with you, or you will order lachimolala

will I just see you from afar or holding you tight

will we drink cola together or be drinking sprite

when we will meet , will you ask about my study

you’ll be looking like human or I’ll take you as bunny

I am just writing non sense, even I don’t mean it

I was just scroll some memes and I’ve seen it

I wanna shake hands with you, and see you for sure

but let me make it clear my love for you is pure

I want to meet you and show my gratitude

want to thank you for changing my attitude

Am I ………….

If I am not successful, am I useless

If I am not beautiful, am I unwanted

If I don’t Achieve anything, am I unworthy

If I can’t do anything well, am I loser

If I say truth, am I rude

If say yes to everyone, am I gullible

If I say no sometimes, am I arrogant

If I want to learn many things, am I overconfident

If I fail to learn something , am I dumb

If I allow you to touch me for love, am I slut

If I don’t allow you to touch me in the name of love, am I b*tch

What should I do then, where should I go then

You keep nagging me, you keep ragging me

I don’t say anything, cause I am afraid to say

I don’t dare to go anywhere yet I fear to stay

Questions are roaming around in my mind

I just want to ask them to you one time

Please tell me what to do or don’t tell me what I should do

Just let me do what I want, I don’t think it’s a crime

तुम मुझे जीने से नहीं रोक सकते

ज़रूरत मुस्कान की थी, और हम अश्को को प्यार समझ बैठे

जिसने हमें इंसान तक ना समझा, हम उस यार समझ बैठे

बात अगर दिल तोड़ने की होती, तो माफ़ कर भी दिया होता

अगर तुमने अपने नापाक हाथो से, मेरे जिस्म को छुआ नहीं होता

रोती रही, गिड़गिड़ाती रही, मै अस्मत के लिए मेरी

पर बना दिया था जानवर, तुझे उस हवस ने तेरी

मोहब्बत ना समझा तुमने अपनी, ये हमने मान लिया होता

मगर एक इंसान थी मै, काम से काम इतना जान लिया होता

कितनी बेबस और कमजोर थी मै, ये समझ गई थी मै

प्यार है या हवस है, इन सवालों में उलझ गई थी मै

पर ये जान लो की भरोसा करना छोडूंगी नहीं मै

संभलूंगी इस दुनिया में हर कदम पर, पर इसे छोडूंगी नहीं मै

उस वक्त चाहे कमजोर थी, पर अब कमजोर नहीं पड़ना है

जीना है अपनी ज़िन्दगी शान से, सपनों को पूरा करना है

मरना नहीं है, और ना ही घुट घुट कर जीने का इरादा है

हंसना है, मुस्कुराना है, जीना है जी भरके ये मेरा खुद से वादा है

Anniversary day💜

Hey friends… Today seem to be anniversary day.

First it’s 13 June the day of debut of BTS…..

The when world got BTS ….. BTS is the best thing that has happened …… At least for ARMY….

They say …. The day you found us it’s the day of our debut…… Although it’s enough to console my heart but still I wish I would have found them earlier……

And second it’s my blog anniversary

Yeah it’s been a year since I started this blog. I made friends. You guys have supported me a lot. And I am very grateful to you…..



Believe in me |][|. [||]

I used to ask myself what makes me sad

But I never get the answer

While gazing the stars or looking at the blue sky

When laying down on the bed or staring those clouds up high

I search my mind and look into it

Trying to find out what goes on

I see myself stepping up high and high

I can’t do anything but just imagine it and sigh

My those daydreams makes me feel like a lame person

I wanna run and fly but self doubts and fears has surrounded me

Will I be able to get what I dream for

Will they hear my sound whom I scream for

Looking at that bird flying freely in this sky

I also wanna wing up and reach that high

Only if gather strength and determine my heart

I can only get it when I work on it hard

I know a bit of luck is a must

But if I rely on it I’m nothing but dust

Today I am gonna write away all my questions

Start with the determination and I’m gonna burst

If I ever think of giving up in middle

Or something stops me from achieving my dreams

If I get scared and fear of this society makes me weak

I believe you will always be there to support me.

You will cheer for me, root for me

When I loose hope you will become my hope

Looking at you I will gain my strength back

You will always believe in me, I believe that…….

Just looking at your seven smiling faces is enough

I know your voice will encourage me

And it will never allow me to give up

I am not an ARMY if I even think about fear

Because there’s always BTS for me who will cheer.

THANK YOU BTS …….. Borahae💜

|][| [||] ………… You believe in me and because of you I believe in myself….. I will do it and I can do it……..

I am not giving up

I didn’t start for you

Why should I end it for you

I don’t live for you

Why would I give up for you

I am not giving up

Keep speaking ill of me

I won’t get sick

Like those trend followers

Your damn toes, I am gonna lick

If I show my strength you’ll be like *gulp*

I am not giving up

Be aware of me, I am a wolf

Don’t trigger me I’ll tear your silly trend apart

Let me live the way I want

From now on my journey start

See me from a far, eat your food and keep on burp

Cuz I am not giving up

If you wanna criticize me, do it

If you wanna drag me down, try it

If you wanna curse me, give it

But then leave quietly and never show up

Know that, I am not giving up

BTS my savior ( short story by the flower )

” you are just unworthy person or you so unlucky that even your hard work can’t let you win.”

” forget it! you can’t make it.”

” you lose again. you can never achieve anything.”

” what’s the point of trying your best when you can’t even win.”

” being best in yourself is useless if you don’t get the first place.”

this words were echoing in her mind. she was pulling her hair with all strength. alone in the room with not a trace of light, she locked herself up in the room and isolated from the world.

” daughter! open the door. it isn’t a big deal. stop thinking too much over such a small matter.” her mother was knocking the door.

” aunty don’t worry! zaayra is a strong girl. she is just a bit upset. she is a smart girl.” her best friend tried to calm her mother down.

zaayra was in great despair after losing the competition for fourth time. everytime she tried hard, she and everyone believed that she will win but everytime she lost.

she was broken. her confidence was shredded in pieces. she decided to give up.

” no matter hard I try, even if deserve it I won’t get anything. or maybe I am just useless, I am good for nothing person.” she mumbled and cried.

she teared up a bunch of papers which were written by her. she believed she will never be able to be a successful writer.

after crying for a long time her eyes were swollen but the tears were streaming down her face.

her mother and best friend were sitting at the door and waiting for her to come out.

zaayra opened the drawer and took out a blade.

after locking herself up in the room for a whole day and night, she kept crying and didn’t eat air drink anything.

she was feeling extremely weak. she felt dizzy and fell down.

she dragged down many things from table. a audio player dropped and broke down and a song started to play.

When you try your best, but you don’t succeed
When you get what you want, but not what you need


Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

But if you never try you’ll never know
Just what you’re worth


Tears stream down your face
When you lose something you cannot replace
Tears stream down your face and I
Tears stream down your face
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes

zaayra stood up. she put the blade down on table table.

the other song started to play

Is that all your dream is?

That’s a lie, you such a liar
See me, see me, ya you’re a hypocrite
Why’re you telling to go a different path? Take care of yourself
Please don’t force me
What’s your dream, what’s your dream?
Is that it? Is that it?

she picked up the audio player and put it on the table. the songs were playing one after another.

So many worries behind that sigh
Stop worrying, you already know
Whenever you wanna give up in the middle of this road
Shout out even louder
So what what what

she took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

seven boys were standing in front of her and smiling brightly. they were waving at her and cheering for her.

they signalled her to open the door, (the door were covered with fog and a shining.

she wiped off the tears and took a deep breath. she took a step forward to the door. with every steps the cheering by those seven guys were getting louder.

she opened the door. her mother cried out of happiness and hugged her and kissed her forehead and cheeks.
her best friend was smiling at her and hugged her.

zaayra looked back, the seven guys were waving and were saying best of luck  to her.  zaayra smiled and nodded.

after three months. she again participated in the writing competition. in these three months, everyday she listened the songs gained inspiration and wrote the best she can.

the competition ended.

” the winner of this writing competition is………. miss….. Elsa Jones.


wait wait wait

there is an announcement.

this year, the popular magazine ‘ hear content ‘ has created a special column ‘ feel the words ‘ and one of our contestant’s article has been chosen for it.

and that article is ‘ BTS my savior ‘ written by miss zaayra.


zaayra was so happy that she was tearing up. she went up on stage. she was smiling brightly.

she was seeing those seven boys who were standing far and waving hands. they were cheering for her and thumping up. they disappeared in light.

she smiled at them and bowed down. and shouted


Lazy me!!!!

Hello!!! No novels for today…… Why???

Because I am lazy……

Actually all updates are already written. I’ve posted them on mangatoon profile too…… I only need to copy paste it here on WordPress……. But I am too lazy to do that…..

I will just come …….. Talk with you through my blog……. And keep writing my story on mangatoon…….

Today I just came to inform you this……

Now my blog will become my digital diary…….. What happens in the day or what non sense thought comes to mind all day long, I’ll just share with you.

I am gonna share my stupid dreams and funny experiences too……..

For now… Bye bye……

And yes… If there is someone who is reading my novels actually and gon’ miss it…. Let me know….