I know it well

How the sun rises
And how moon disappears
How the Rain washes this earth
By shedding its tears

How the tree bents down
By the weight of its fruits
And how it hides well
Its pain under the roots

The river travels the earth
But never gets tired
The birds flies around
‘Cause they never fears of height

A little butterfly
Roams around in the valley
Explore each of the flowers there
That honey must feel heavy

How all of them works, you don’t need to tell
Because I do KNOW IT WELL

How it feels

How it feels when you fall down

How it feels when you broke down

How it feels to be ignored by everyone

To you, are these feelings well known?

When being good isn’t enough

When you have to bent down

Even after being worthy

When everyone looks down

On you

To you, are these feelings well known

In the race of loving myself

I ended up hating it even more

In order to not to be get depress

Now I’m getting it even more

I am stressed, I am frown

To you, are these feelings well known

I thought I can do well

Wanted everyone to believe me

I stepped forward, wanted to tell

But my own arrogance deceived me

I have made myself a laughable clown

To you, are these feelings well known

I am a failure, I am a loser

I am total good for nothing

My dark end is approaching me closer

What can I do except sulking.

It keeps pricking my heart like a thorn

To you, are these feelings well known

I hate love

( I listened a song and I liked the starting Stanza so I created my own lyrics for that song)

I hate you, I love you

I hate that I love you

I want you

I miss you

I got that I need you


You could easily

Just throw me away

But I can’t even forget you

YOU have never seen me once

But I can only look at you

I hate you, I love you

I hate that I love you

I want you

I miss you

I got that, I need you

Baby you and me

We were never meant for each other

You were with me

I was with you

But we were never together

I tried stopping myself

But still ended up on you

You kept holding me

And made me fall for you

AND NOW you want me to give up

I hate you, I love you

I hate that I love you

Am I complicated?

Guys now I am in a terrible mood. I want your help to figure out something.

So the thing is, I had fight with my best friend. Now I don’t know if I am wrong or right. He says I’m complicated, but I say he doesn’t understand me.

He said he want to read my stories so I sent him the link. He said he is reading the stories. I asked him to like the chapters cuz it will help me promote my story and make a comment too. Cuz I wanted to know if he enjoying the story or not.

And guess what…. He actually made a comment *srs* this was the comment. It’s a gujrati word that means nice.

Now you must be thinking why am I angry… He says this word whenever he has nothing else say. He just made the comment to show me that *see I did it now stop asking me the same thing.*

Although he didn’t say this but doesn’t this mean exactly that. Now just think about about it ypu ask your friend for reading your blog and they come and slap this so called nice word and leave ….. Won’t you feel bad. It makes me look like I am asking for favours.

If he doesn’t know how to make comment he should have just said that story is interesting or character setting is good… Whatever but what is the meaning of this formality.

And this isn’t the first time. Even before he asked me to write a poem for his college competition. I was so happy that he likes and trusts my writing skills that’s why he asked me to write it for him but then I got to know that he asked his other four friends too.

He said it was just for a backup plan. Like seriously. He says I’m complicated but don’t I have right to get mad.

I wouldn’t have gotten angry if those friends of him were into poems but they don’t even know how to write poem and he asked them for backup of mine. I thought he trusts me but it turned out I was just one of his choices.

Guys tell me if you were me weren’t you have gotten mad?

I will wait

how I wonder to have wings
I’m so good at dreaming silly things

you know why I wanna fly
why I wanna roam in the sky

cuz I know you are up there
on the top of the world somewhere

I wanna reach you
I wanna touch you

I ask myself often
what if we never meet
the answer I get from inside
it’s just too sweet

the voice inside me shouts

I will wait

if not in this lifetime
maybe in another life

I will wait

if not in a life
even if in afterlife

I will wait

without getting depressed
without being in despair
without giving up

I will wait

The rain

I am standing in the rain
with an umbrella in my hand
I don’t want to open it
let the rain soak me
do I want to hide my tears
or I want to feel the rain
the water drops scrolling my face
I don’t if my eyes are raining
the cold breeze
it makes me freeze
I am moving a bit
I don’t want to
I am not saving myself
I don’t want to
please let me be
please let me live
I am not even breathing
I don’t want to……..

You are to me

I saw you last night,

You were in my dream

I was like a cupcake

And you were my cream

I wanna see you, wanna see you

Everyday every night

I don’t wanna know, don’t wanna know

What’s wrong and what’s right

You see me, I see you

You heal me I heal you

I wanna meet you, wanna meet you

Everyday every night

You are like my moon, just like my moon

You’re shining so bright

When I’m talking with you

When I’m walking with you

I feel like I’m in the sky

I am flying high and high

I wanna get you, wanna get you

At the price of my life

I’m ready to do ready to do

walking on the edge of knife

I wrote this song for you

I am singing for you

I was a loser forever

But now I am just winning for you

I wanna hear you , wanna hear you

Every day , every night

I wanna tell you , wanna tell you

You’ll be forever what you are to me

Am I ………….

If I am not successful, am I useless

If I am not beautiful, am I unwanted

If I don’t Achieve anything, am I unworthy

If I can’t do anything well, am I loser

If I say truth, am I rude

If say yes to everyone, am I gullible

If I say no sometimes, am I arrogant

If I want to learn many things, am I overconfident

If I fail to learn something , am I dumb

If I allow you to touch me for love, am I slut

If I don’t allow you to touch me in the name of love, am I b*tch

What should I do then, where should I go then

You keep nagging me, you keep ragging me

I don’t say anything, cause I am afraid to say

I don’t dare to go anywhere yet I fear to stay

Questions are roaming around in my mind

I just want to ask them to you one time

Please tell me what to do or don’t tell me what I should do

Just let me do what I want, I don’t think it’s a crime