Good night greeting with poem

dream that will come true one day,

I am gonna see them tonight and make it true tomorrow,

this words goes through my heart like an arrow

I won’t be feeling bad, just gonna gulp the sorrow

Because I am strong but not fragile

Rather than crying over problems, I have more reason to smile……

good night 

तुम मुझे जीने से नहीं रोक सकते

ज़रूरत मुस्कान की थी, और हम अश्को को प्यार समझ बैठे

जिसने हमें इंसान तक ना समझा, हम उस यार समझ बैठे

बात अगर दिल तोड़ने की होती, तो माफ़ कर भी दिया होता

अगर तुमने अपने नापाक हाथो से, मेरे जिस्म को छुआ नहीं होता

रोती रही, गिड़गिड़ाती रही, मै अस्मत के लिए मेरी

पर बना दिया था जानवर, तुझे उस हवस ने तेरी

मोहब्बत ना समझा तुमने अपनी, ये हमने मान लिया होता

मगर एक इंसान थी मै, काम से काम इतना जान लिया होता

कितनी बेबस और कमजोर थी मै, ये समझ गई थी मै

प्यार है या हवस है, इन सवालों में उलझ गई थी मै

पर ये जान लो की भरोसा करना छोडूंगी नहीं मै

संभलूंगी इस दुनिया में हर कदम पर, पर इसे छोडूंगी नहीं मै

उस वक्त चाहे कमजोर थी, पर अब कमजोर नहीं पड़ना है

जीना है अपनी ज़िन्दगी शान से, सपनों को पूरा करना है

मरना नहीं है, और ना ही घुट घुट कर जीने का इरादा है

हंसना है, मुस्कुराना है, जीना है जी भरके ये मेरा खुद से वादा है

Believe in me |][|. [||]

I used to ask myself what makes me sad

But I never get the answer

While gazing the stars or looking at the blue sky

When laying down on the bed or staring those clouds up high

I search my mind and look into it

Trying to find out what goes on

I see myself stepping up high and high

I can’t do anything but just imagine it and sigh

My those daydreams makes me feel like a lame person

I wanna run and fly but self doubts and fears has surrounded me

Will I be able to get what I dream for

Will they hear my sound whom I scream for

Looking at that bird flying freely in this sky

I also wanna wing up and reach that high

Only if gather strength and determine my heart

I can only get it when I work on it hard

I know a bit of luck is a must

But if I rely on it I’m nothing but dust

Today I am gonna write away all my questions

Start with the determination and I’m gonna burst

If I ever think of giving up in middle

Or something stops me from achieving my dreams

If I get scared and fear of this society makes me weak

I believe you will always be there to support me.

You will cheer for me, root for me

When I loose hope you will become my hope

Looking at you I will gain my strength back

You will always believe in me, I believe that…….

Just looking at your seven smiling faces is enough

I know your voice will encourage me

And it will never allow me to give up

I am not an ARMY if I even think about fear

Because there’s always BTS for me who will cheer.

THANK YOU BTS …….. Borahae💜

|][| [||] ………… You believe in me and because of you I believe in myself….. I will do it and I can do it……..

I am not giving up

I didn’t start for you

Why should I end it for you

I don’t live for you

Why would I give up for you

I am not giving up

Keep speaking ill of me

I won’t get sick

Like those trend followers

Your damn toes, I am gonna lick

If I show my strength you’ll be like *gulp*

I am not giving up

Be aware of me, I am a wolf

Don’t trigger me I’ll tear your silly trend apart

Let me live the way I want

From now on my journey start

See me from a far, eat your food and keep on burp

Cuz I am not giving up

If you wanna criticize me, do it

If you wanna drag me down, try it

If you wanna curse me, give it

But then leave quietly and never show up

Know that, I am not giving up

Lazy me!!!!

Hello!!! No novels for today…… Why???

Because I am lazy……

Actually all updates are already written. I’ve posted them on mangatoon profile too…… I only need to copy paste it here on WordPress……. But I am too lazy to do that…..

I will just come …….. Talk with you through my blog……. And keep writing my story on mangatoon…….

Today I just came to inform you this……

Now my blog will become my digital diary…….. What happens in the day or what non sense thought comes to mind all day long, I’ll just share with you.

I am gonna share my stupid dreams and funny experiences too……..

For now… Bye bye……

And yes… If there is someone who is reading my novels actually and gon’ miss it…. Let me know….

Random thoughts

If you give something it’s not important you would get same thing in return.

No one hurts you, it’s you who hurt yourself

You make make them so important in your life, by thinking that they would make you important in their life

They don’t hurt you, your expectations do.

You give with the thought of taking, and this expectations makes you sad.

This give and take formula is nonsense.

You should never give and even more never expect to get something.

Random thoughts

Regrets only ruins your life

Don’t let you past ruin your present life

Even if you have a dark side

Always think positive about it

Because darkness of past will effect your bright future

Feel happy by remembering bad events.

And laugh by thinking how foolish you were back then.