I have much to do today. I just washed utensils and now I am going to do cleaning. Dusting, moping and all.

after that I will write updated for my novels. ‘ love internship story of jazzelle’ it’s the title of my story. I have started this novel maybe 6-7 months ago. and gave up in middle as I am used to.

I always start something and when I find it difficult or boring I eventually stop doing it. but then I started it again. you might not believe or might definitely believe if I say it qas because of BTS…… more accurately namjoon sir.

I listened the song ‘ no more dream’ of course I didn’t understand anything since it’s in Korean language and I am Indian I do think understand Korean.

but it felt like this song was triggering me… I checked the translation of this song…… it was asking me what’s my dream…. if I don’t have one that I should create one…. and when I create it… I should chase it…. I dreamt about being a writer when I was in 8th standard…. but as I said I never took it seriously…

after listening this song I questioned myself that what’s there I am most passionate about and an answer popped up out of nowhere…. it was writting

…. I started the novel again and started Publishing it on a online platform MANGATOOON. I do think have many readers but those who read it seems to like it. the novel will end soon. I can’t say how happy I am.

I know it’s not a big deal. nowadays there are many people writing novels. many kids on MANGATOOON are contracted writers. they’ve written many nocela but the first is first. it’s the first novel I will complete so it places a very special place in my ofcourse. I actually wasnt going to talk about this when i started writing this post…. I was just gonna say that I jave much to do but still I am scrolling weverse and pinterest… but end up by saying all this….. what a chatterbox😜

Love internship (story of jazzelle) part 21

One week later

The Empress Ahilya College.
The examination fear is in air. The atmosphere is itself very stressed and tensed.

“ goddamn man, I am so nervous. Why do we have exams.”. One student said.

“ true bro! I am already having bugs crawling all over my body by just a thought of questions.” Another student said.

Jazzelle, Rachelle and Daniel arrived.
At the college gate.

“ what is he doing here.” Rachelle pointed on Daniel.

“ I am not here for you, I am here to cheer for my jazzelle.” Daniel made finger heart to jazzelle and smiled widely.

“ ‘your jazzelle. Hehehe!! Dream on. After two weeks you will be calling someone brother in law.” Rachelle laughed.

Rachelle angrily looked at Rachelle and showed tongue to her.

Rachelle fingered under eyes and tongued out to him.

Jazzelle left them behind and entered the college. She is taking a good look at college building where she studied for not very long time just one but made many memories and achievements.

Rachelle and Daniel realised that jazzelle has already left them and went in. They speedily walked in.

“ Hello jazzelle! You came. Long time no see!” jazzelle’s professor miss Julie said

“ hello ma’am! Long time no see! How are you doing?” jazzelle happily greeted her teacher.

“ I am doing good. You say, how’s your internship? Everything went well?” professor Julie said.

“ It was good. I learnt many things. It completed smoothly.” Jazzelle tried to smile.

“ What is your plan next?”

“ For now I just wanna do my best in exam.” Jazzelle sound confident and smiled

“ that’s good. Let’s go. It’s time.”

Professor left.

Jazzelle is looking around, “ where’s these two gone!”

“ Jazzelle!” “jazzelle” Daniel and Rachelle waved.

Jazzelle waved his hand and called them.

“ Rachelle it’s time. Go to your class.” Jazzelle said, “ all the best.”

Rachelle left and thumbed up to jazzelle.

“ All the best jazzelle. So you best.” Daniel put his hand on jazzelle’s shoulder and said.

“ Jazzelle is the best. Now you go. Don’t wander around. Get some rest.” Jazzelle said.

Daniel started walking.

“ Daniel. Thank you.” Jazzelle said out loud and waved her hand

Daniel smiled and waved.

Jazzelle entered the examination hall.

Two weeks later.

Last day of examination.

Students leaves the examination hall. Everyone is looking cheerful.

“ exams ended, let’s celebrate”

“Hey guys! Let’s go for a party tonight.”

“ Thus exams made me sick as hell, let’s have some fun” students are showing their excitement and happiness.

“ aahhh!! Finally it’s finish. It feels so good when exams are over” Rachelle stretched both her hands up and said.

“ seriously girl! I was almost up until midnight before each exam. Finally I will sleep soundly.” Said jazzelle while leaning on Rachelle’s shoulder.

“ then let’s go to my house and chat a bit with snacks. Ever since we came here we didn’t get the time with each other.”

“ sound’s good.”

Rachelle’s home.

“ umm!! This snacks are too yum. Where did you buy it from?” jazzelle was enjoying the snacks

“ That little brat (referring to her younger brother) bought it. That little he knows I don’t eat this flavour but still bought it.” Rachelle was gnashing her teeth.

“ you don’t but I do. Don’t worry I’ll enjoy them. You this one.” Jazzelle passed her the chips packet.
Both are enjoying snacks and listening songs.

“ jazzelle! Exams are over. What about your blind date?” Rachelle stopped playing music.

“ Mumma has send me picture of that guy. I haven’t seen yet. They said their family will come over to visit us soon.” Jazzelle sipped cold drink and said.

“ let me see if he is handsome or not.” Rachelle took jazzelle’s phone and started to scroll gallery.

Jazzelle isn’t interested. She isn’t paying attention to it.

Rachelle stopped scrolling, she took a glance at jazzelle and thought “ poor jazzelle! Why is she hiding her pain even from me. Don’t worry jazzelle I’ll help you.”

Rachelle gave the phone to Jazzelle, “ jazzelle! Now you won’t be missing him anymore and crying. This is the best way to let out someone from your mind.” She patted jazzelle’s shoulder and hugged her

Jazzelle is looking at her but she doesn’t understand what is she saying. She is looking confused, she just slightly smiled and said, “ o-okay.”

Love internship (story of jazzelle) part 20

Love Internship

story of jazzelle

Hey guys you must tell me in comments how do you like this story….. And what do you will happen next…..

“ What are you doing “ a guy suddenly came behind him and said.

“ Since when you have been standing behind me, Eric.” Ryan gets shocked but tries to hold it in and calmly asks.

Eric Alves, Ryan’s elder brother. A successful and excellent psychologist. He is 3 years older than Ryan. Both are like best friends.

“ when you turned off the laptop.” Eric said.

Ryan stood up and walked pass by Eric. Exhaled breath and smiled. ( Relieved)

“ who was that girl.” Eric hugged Ryan from back and said.

“ Brother! Didn’t you say you came after I turned off my laptop.” Ryan turned towards Eric and said.

Eric sat on the sofa and said, “ I didn’t say, I didn’t see anything before you turned off.” A foxy smile. Eric said, “ who was that girl. Ummm!!” Eric pulled Ryan hands and sat Ryan.

“ just An intern in my department.” Ryan coldly said

“ just an intern. You like her don’t you.” Eric started to tease him

“ how can you come to this conclusion.” Ryan turned his face and avoided to look at Eric.

“ okay! Okay! Leave it. But you will have a blind date soon. Are you prepared for it.” Eric put his hand on Ryan’s shoulder.

“ why would I prepare anything? She will doing it.” A suspicious smile is on his face.
Eric looks confused, he said, “ looks like you look forward to it.”
Ryan didn’t say anything just smiled and stood up. He went to his room.
Eric didn’t understand anything. He started to check his message
Eric’s phone screen ( Text arrived from miss Johansson ) “ hello doctor Eric. It’s me!
Eric is texting a message, “ hey! How have you been recently.”
Beep beep, “ I am good doctor Eric.”

Eric tested, “ You said you are having symptoms again. Is everything alright now.

, “ I had, but now everything is back to normal. Thanks for your concern.”

Eric texted, “ don’t mention it you didn’t show up last time, so I thought, you changed your doctor.”

“ how can I? Where can I find such an excellent doctor like you. This is just I was quite busy so couldn’t made it. I am sorry for that.”

Eric texts, “ as long as you are fine. If you manage time make sure to visit clinic. You still need a proper treatment.”

“ I’m can’t doctor Eric. I’m not living there any longer. As for treatment, I’m not sure. I think I’ll have to endure it.”

Eric looks panicked, he texts, “ what do you mean by ‘endure it’?

“ I am getting married,”

Eric is now more panicked, he furiously texts, “ but you know it’s not good for you. You need treatment, if it goes wrong, you are well aware that it is far from your endurance.”

“ I will make sure to take care of myself. I won’t be reckless. It’s not cut and dried yet. Let me meet my future husband first. I’ll try to explain him. If he agrees.”

Eric feels relieved, he texts, “ that’s good then I hope that person would be understanding enough. Don’t worry tell him you can definitely cure this illness.”

“ I have faith in you doctor Eric. Thank you very much.”

Eric smiles and texts, “ that’s what I should do. Now rest well.”

“ you too. Good night.”

Love Internship (story of jazzelle) part 19

Everyone went to their room. Jazzelle stood up and closed the door. She took her laptop and started making video diary.

“ Hello tiny! I am late today. You must be waiting for me.”

Ryan alves’s home.

Ryan’s sitting in front of his laptop and dozing off. After seeing jazzelle online. He sat properly.
“ yeah you are late. Stupid girl, can’t you be punctual even for your own day-to-day works.” Ryan is yelling at her.

Jazzelle’s home.

“ tiny!! ( Sounds sad) only three weeks more. After one week my examination will be started. It will take two weeks to finish this. And after that…. After that I will get engaged with that person my Mumma and dad has chosen for me. Blind date doesn’t matter. Can I know that I like that or not by meeting him for once.” Jazzelle is furious.

Ryan alves’s home.

“ dim witted girl. Why are you so sad over this. You already knew this would happen, didn’t you.”

jazzelle’s home

“ Though I was aware of it all this time. I knew this would happen. But stupidly I am hoping for a miracle. So that I can continue my job and…..” jazzelle has confused expression on her face. She is smiling and at the same time she is looking upset too.

Ryan alves’s home

“ you will came back. That’s for sure. And complete your sentence why are you spacing out, dumb headed girl.” Ryan also looks confused. He looks happy and furious at the same time.

Jazzelle’s home.

“acchhoo!!( Sneezing) tiny! I think someone is badmouthing about me. I was saying I want to continue my job and….eeeuuhhhh!! (Yawning) Tiny I think I am very tired. Let’s talk later. Jazzelle stood up.

Ryan alves’s home.

“ Wait! Wait! Jazzelle don’t go. At least say what you wanted to… hey you!!” Ryan stood up and grabbed the laptop and started to yell

Jazzelle’s home.

“ Ahh by the way” jazzelle sat again on the chair.

Ryan alves’s home.

Ryan also sat down and put the laptop on the table and gently said “ hmmmmm”

Jazzelle’s home.

“ tiny! Thank you. I myself don’t know why I’m thanking you. You are just a program but these days talking to you feels different. It’s like you feel me, understand me. I feel at ease. Thank you for being by my side.” jazzelle smiled.

“ Why do I feel superior is not far but here, next to me. It’s just a feeling maybe. It’s good if I don’t figure out my feelings. I don’t want to leave regrets.”

Ryan alves’s home.

Ryan is smiling. “ you are always welcome. You will come.”

“this snail, is she going to figure out her own feelings or not. She makes me crazy. We’ll meet soon jazzelle. Look forward to it.”

Both turned off their laptops and went to bed. Jazzelle lied down and hugged her bunny ( soft toy) and slept with a smile.

Ryan’s home.

“ What are you doing “ a guy suddenly came behind him and said