BTS my saviour (short story) by the flower

” you are just an unworthy person or you are so unlucky that even your hard work can’t let you win.”

” forget it! you can’t make it.”

” you lose again. you can never achieve anything.”

” what’s the point of trying your best when you can’t even win.”

” being best in yourself is useless if you don’t get the first place.”

these words were echoing in her mind. she was pulling her hair with all strength. alone in the room with not a trace of light, she locked herself up in the room and isolated from the world.

” daughter! open the door. it isn’t a big deal. stop thinking too much over such a small matter.” her mother was knocking on the door.

” aunty don’t worry! zaayra is a strong girl. she is just a bit upset. she is a smart girl.” her best friend tried to calm her mother down.

zaayra was in great despair after losing the competition for the fourth time. every time she tried hard, she and everyone believed that she will win but every time she lost.

she was broken. her confidence was shredded in pieces. she decided to give up.

” no matter hard I try, even if deserve it I won’t get anything. or maybe I am just useless, I am good for nothing person,” she mumbled and cried.

she teared up a bunch of papers which were written by her. she believed she will never be able to be a successful writer.

after crying for a long time her eyes were swollen but the tears were streaming down her face.

her mother and best friend were sitting at the door and waiting for her to come out.

zaayra opened the drawer and took out a blade.

after locking herself up in the room for a whole day and night, she kept crying and didn’t eat air drink anything.

she was feeling extremely weak. she felt dizzy and fell.

she dragged down many things from the table. an audio player dropped and broke down and a song started to play.

When you try your best, but you don’t succeed
When you get what you want, but not what you need


Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

But if you never try you’ll never know
Just what you’re worth


Tears stream down your face
When you lose something you cannot replace
Tears stream down your face and I
Tears stream down your face
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes

zaayra stood up. she put the blade down on the table.

the other song started to play

Is that all your dream is?

That’s a lie, you are such a liar
See me, see me, ya you’re a hypocrite
Why’re you telling me to go a different path? Take care of yourself
Please don’t force me
What’s your dream, what’s your dream?
Is that it? Is that it?

she picked up the audio player and put it on the table. the songs we’re playing one after another.

So many worries behind that sigh
Stop worrying, you already know
Whenever you wanna give up in the middle of this road
Shout out even louder
So what what what

she took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

seven boys were standing in front of her and smiling brightly. they were waving at her and cheering for her.

they signalled her to open the door, (the door were covered with fog and a shining.

she wiped off the tears and took a deep breath. she took a step forward to the door. with every step, the cheering by those seven guys was getting louder.

she opened the door. her mother cried out of happiness and hugged her and kissed her forehead and cheeks.
her best friend was smiling at her and hugged her.

zaayra looked back, the seven guys were waving and were saying best of luck  to her.  zaayra smiled and nodded.

after three months. she again participated in the writing competition. in these three months, every day she listened to the songs gained inspiration and wrote the best she can.

the competition ended.

” the winner of this writing competition is………. miss….. Elsa Jones.


wait wait wait

there is an announcement.

this year, the popular magazine ‘ hear content ‘ has created a special column ‘ feel the words ‘ and one of our contestant’s articles have been chosen for it.

and that article is ‘ BTS my saviour’ written by miss zaayra.


Zara was so happy that she was tearing up. she went up on stage. she was smiling brightly.

” Hard work never goes in vain “these words are echoing in her mind.

she was seeing those seven boys who were standing far and waving hands. they were cheering for her and thumping up. they disappeared in light.

she smiled at them and bowed down. and shouted


the winter nights

In the winter nights
I am waiting for you
Under the moonlight
I’m looking for you

The cold breeze, the snow flakes
Touches my cheeks and passes by

I remember your touch

You used to hold me tight
In the winter nights

In the winter nights
Now I’m alone
There’s none
Whom I can hug
Who can make me warm

I can never forget

Those winter nights
Those foggy streets
That snowman
And those snow fights

I’ll keep waiting for you

In the winter nights
I’m waiting for you
Under the moonlight
I’m looking for you

I can see my way ahead
But you aren’t here
A snowman, we made together
Only he is here

This breeze will take me
I’ll go with its flow
I hope you will see me
In future when I glow

I’ll be waiting
I’ll keep waiting
I am Waiting

In the winter nights
I’ll be waiting for you
Under moonlight
I’ll be looking for you

The cold breeze, the snow flakes
Touches my cheeks and passes by

I’ll remember, I’ll remember
I’ll remember the winter nights

Beauty of stars in the winter nights
Makes me feel that I’m in paradise
From my room when I look up there
I just can’t take off my eyes

Oh yeah the winter nights
Oh yeah the winter nights
Oh yeah the winter nights


who knew one day
I’ll fall in love with a color

ocean was blue before
now it is purple
love was red before
now it is purple
peace was white before
now it is purple

purple was just a color before
it became a cold breeze in summer

I heard somewhere
green color makes you feel good
I then started to
walking and roaming in wood

then I heard an angel
expressing his love In a color
a glance of that colour
was unbelievablely stunner

I found the color of happiness
that colour was purple
who knew one day
I’ll fall in Love with a color

Google translate

어느 날 알았던
색에 반해버릴거야

바다는 전에 파란색이었다
지금은 보라색이다
사랑은 예전에 붉었다
지금은 보라색이다
평화는 예전에 하얗다
지금은 보라색이다

보라색은 전에 색이었을 뿐
여름에 찬 바람이 되었다

어디선가 들었다
녹색은 기분을 좋게 만든다
나는 그 다음 시작했다
나무 위를 걷고 배회하다

그때 나는 천사를 들었다
그의 사랑을 색으로 표현하다
그 색의 시선
믿을 수 없을 정도로 충격적이었습니다

행복의 색을 찾았어
그 색은 보라색이었다
어느 날 알았던
나는 색과 사랑에 빠질거야

To my mentor

waiting for you is the thing I can do
loving you Is the only thing I can do
for you I am willing to do anything
wishing for you is the thing I can do

you teach me, you are my mentor
are you willing to keep teaching me
I am writing and keeping you in mind
are you willing to once reading me

on this day I want to give something
but you have everything
but still there is something
will you accept this small gift

except my words
there’s nothing I can give away
I wish you happy life
and your success to stay

Happy birthday jk sir

happy_birthday jungkook sir☺️

yeah! it’s day
now it’s time to say

happy birthday, happy

the moon will rise
and the sun will disappear
we will lit the candles
and make a loud cheer
cuz this is the day
and it’s time to say
happy birthday, happy birthday

you made it, you made it
why you came on the earth
you have shown the world
what is your worth
keep going, keep going
they are waiting for you
your new hit and the big hit
are longing for you

be happy all the time
cuz you make us smile
if one day you day you lose
just think of it as a trial
cuz we believe in you
cuz we believe in you

now let’s focus on thing
that is approaching us
the happiest day is
now approaching us

so now it’s day
everyone say
happy birthday, happy birthday

Getting in trouble

Getting into trouble is just like my hobby
I don’t wanna change it
And I’m not gonna change it
Doing some rebels is just like my passion
I don’t wanna change it
And I’m not gonna change it

You see
I’ll never have any regrets in my life

You see
I will keep the smile for the rest of my life

When you are down in phone
I’ll be flying high and high
When you are drown in snaps
I’ll be touching the sky
I’ll fly, I’ll smile, I’ll do what I want
You try, you cry you’d be taking as grant

So live as you like, do what you want
Stop thinking too much, give it a try
This world is piece of sh*t
If you wait you’ll cry

So get up from your bed
Go on your way
They pull you down
You just need to say

Getting into trouble is just like my hobby
I don’t wanna change it
And I’m not gonna change it

Doing some Rebels is just like my passion
I don’t wanna change it
And I’m not gonna change it

I don’t wanna change it

And I’m not gonna change it

I don’t wanna change it


Take it

Just some random thoughts ( Urdu poetry)

चांद की तलाश में निकले, तारो को हमसफ़र मानकर
नया सफर शुरू किया , आसमान को रहगुजर मानकर

बेताब हूं जानने को, चांद की चमक का राज क्या है
इस चांदनी में आखिर ऐसी आखिर बात क्या है

इस चमक ने यारो मुझे कुछ यूं हैरान किया है
देखो कैसे चांदनी ने हमें चांद के दागो से अनजान किया है

खूबसूरती के आगे इस चांदनी की लोग दागो को भूल जाते है
यह तो इंसानों की एक गलती पर, उसके सौ अच्छे कामों को भूल जाते है

It all started with just knowing your names

It all started with just knowing your name

I’m not sure if I just fall for your fame

When I saw you at first, you looked so good

Just looking at your smile lifted up my mood

I can not forget how desperate I was to know you

The feelings are still as the first time I saw you

I started to stalk you bit by bit

The sparkle of love was growing lit by lit

I never thought I’ll come this far

Your love is like I am being out behind the bar

I don’t see a way out of this place

But this love somewhat brings me grace

I like you voice, I fall for your smile

I wish to walk with you far away many mile

I know I am just one drop of the ocean

But I’ll be satisfy if I get very little of your love portion

Finding you was the best thing happened to me

Words can not explain what you have done to me

Knowing about you was the decision I made

Now I’m never gon’ change and I’m never gon’ trade

In my life you’ve become my glitter

Please let say once that I’m your filter

Because of you I found a new friend group

Now we enjoy together our chicken noodle soup

You are so healing just like mother’s care

Listen your voice makes me sleep like a winter bear

The place you are it becomes utopia

Cuz for me you are my Euphoria

I don’t care if people think it’s sin

I’ll keep doing it cuz all I do is win

It will take long but I wanna meet you soon

I shine with you light cuz you are my moon

I will never say give up or I’m tired

I’ll always be bright because I’m moonchild

ARMY is a big family ⟭⟬ ⟬⟭

my henna designing skills aren’t very good but it isn’t bad either as I think.

so let’s wanna tell you a story today

a few days ago my sister in law posted some of our pictures on her WhatsApp status and that time I designed a BTS -ARMY design henna just like this ….. so one of her friend asked her that she has BTS -ARMY logo in her henna design so your sister Is she an ARMY…. after that she asked for my number so that she can have a chat with me about BTS……. and now we have group of BTS army

….. we are around 7-8 girls there…. we don’t know anything about each other still we have fun in group and we all talk like we know each other for ages…..

isn’t this amazing I mean we trust each other, we support each other… and the reason is just that we all love BTS. and we are ARMY

….. saying it that I am an ARMY I become family for that each girl/ boy who love BTS.

being an ARMY feels like my identity now. rather than my name or something I can make family like friends just by saying I am an ARMY and I love BTS….. it’s really amazing…