My dream world

At night , at day
I’m always in my world
At dawn or evening
In total different world

I wander around
In my imagination
The weird thoughts of mine
Are trailer of my passion

No stress, no tension
Just play and have fun
You’ll be the king here
No fear for what’s done

I know , what thoughts are on your mind
You wanna , you wanna
You wanna visit my dream world
My dream world
My dream world
My dream world

Walk freely on the streets
If you want, you can sleep
Just try to be calm first
Or just throw a fit

Oh yeah
Just do …. What you … Want to do
No one …. Will here…. Judge you or stop you

Do you wan’
Do you wan’
Do you wan’ visit my dream world

Oh yeah
My dream world
Oh yeah
My dream world

9 thoughts on “My dream world

      1. Being confident in your ability is not narcissistic. You have demonstrated numerous times your care and concern for others. Your awareness of being self-absorbed at times will keep you on track. I think you have the balance worked out pretty good!


      2. I’m flattered. As always yours words relaxes my mind. I just don’t like to look down on myself. It will just make me sad. If I think good for myself I believe even if someday I fail to do something I won’t be thinking about stupid things like I’m useless and I shouldn’t continue living. It’s good to think best of yourself so that you can show the best of you. Right? (I’m always right)😁😁


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