Am I complicated?

Guys now I am in a terrible mood. I want your help to figure out something.

So the thing is, I had fight with my best friend. Now I don’t know if I am wrong or right. He says I’m complicated, but I say he doesn’t understand me.

He said he want to read my stories so I sent him the link. He said he is reading the stories. I asked him to like the chapters cuz it will help me promote my story and make a comment too. Cuz I wanted to know if he enjoying the story or not.

And guess what…. He actually made a comment *srs* this was the comment. It’s a gujrati word that means nice.

Now you must be thinking why am I angry… He says this word whenever he has nothing else say. He just made the comment to show me that *see I did it now stop asking me the same thing.*

Although he didn’t say this but doesn’t this mean exactly that. Now just think about about it ypu ask your friend for reading your blog and they come and slap this so called nice word and leave ….. Won’t you feel bad. It makes me look like I am asking for favours.

If he doesn’t know how to make comment he should have just said that story is interesting or character setting is good… Whatever but what is the meaning of this formality.

And this isn’t the first time. Even before he asked me to write a poem for his college competition. I was so happy that he likes and trusts my writing skills that’s why he asked me to write it for him but then I got to know that he asked his other four friends too.

He said it was just for a backup plan. Like seriously. He says I’m complicated but don’t I have right to get mad.

I wouldn’t have gotten angry if those friends of him were into poems but they don’t even know how to write poem and he asked them for backup of mine. I thought he trusts me but it turned out I was just one of his choices.

Guys tell me if you were me weren’t you have gotten mad?

21 thoughts on “Am I complicated?

  1. You’re in a tight situation.
    But I gotta tell you s’um: you’re not wrong at all for feeling this way, or asking him for all these.

    He should know, as your best friend that your interests are his top priority. Cus if the roles were reversed, I’m sure you’ll pursue his happiness the same way you ask of him.

    It’s sad that when one gives love and asks for it back : she then becomes clingy or too complicated.

    You’re not complicated
    Know that ❀️

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      1. Then you avoid what makes you unhappyπŸ™‚
        No matter the phrase esp “best friend” , if your heart doesn’t go with it, nothing’s gonna work.

        Create some space. Most of all, look out for yourself .

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  2. I don’t think that you’re complicated at all! Regarding these four poems: no one likes to be “just one of many” for a very good friend. πŸ€”

    And of course promoting a person’s blog is always a favour, BUT: if it is a *friend’s* blog, the other person should be happy to help, in my opinion. Happy to help and give way more feedback than just one word?! 😱

    I’d feel very sad and disappointed if I were you… And angry as well, of course. 😟

    Keep up your great work, OK? VVN


    1. I will keep doing my job. The most important person in my life is me. Rather than being upset I prefer venting and forgetting. I knew all my blogger friends would understand me. I am never alone when I have you guys 😊😊😊


  3. Hey Love everything is fine……Whatever you do I don’t doubt it ’cause I have trust on you……And it’s very wrong that your friend asked you to write a poem for back up……..

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