Meet my bestie

hey ya friends…. I wonder how many of you still has their childhood toys with you …. meet my best friend my bunny… a.a. don’t think I am talking about jungkook sir.. because my this best friend came into my life when I was only 8 months old…. yeah… and now I am almost 20 years let’s say 19 …. I don’t want to leave my teenage…😅😄😄😁😁

so #jungkook_sir sorry to say but there is already a bunny in my life that came before you…. I love him a little bit more than you… it was bought by my grandma when she visited our one religious place in Egypt….. she bought it for me…

wait.. don’t think anything… she is still alive and is very healthy touch wood she is in her 90s maybe… but she is fit than us…. isn’t it great … I wish she stay healthy and fit like this for the rest of her life……

thanks grandma for connecting me with jungkook sir from sooo very before…… okay I ended up by connecting my bunny with jungkook sir…. but what to do after becoming an ARMY whatever I do whatever I say whatever I see I only think of BTS…..I find BTS everywhere from nowhere……

I like taking care of things the most. Specially those which are with me from a long time.

Like my watch, I bought it 4 years ago. My brother paid for it. It stopped working 1 year ago but I didn’t throw it…. And this year I repaired it and it started working again.

Even if it stops working after sometime I am not gonna throw it….

4 thoughts on “Meet my bestie

  1. 💜 I Miss Red Teddy with a Cream Belly; kept him until he was falling apart then he was humanely ethanised by my parents and I cried long and hard…then I felt a lot better because we’d had a good life together; so now I celebrate our life together as I NOW!!! Know and Understand that The Only Constant is Change as We ARE ALL Creatures of CHOICE!!! and Change EveryOne


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    1. I don’t want this end for my bunny… I will keep him safe …. And about change… Yes we do change… I a very fickle…. But one things is for sure if once I get affected by something or someone my affection don’t die….. But it should be deep

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