Bye bye my hands🤧😭 (exams are here)

Hey friends…… *Sigh*

Yes… Exams…. Exams are coming.

This whole year I haven’t studied…. I am not the one to blame….. The pine classes were never good because of network issues, second we didn’t have books, and third after opening college for two months they stopped online classes as well

And now we are gonna have exam fever.

Although it’s open book exam but the thing is……… I’ve forgotten to hold pen now.

I’ve been only typing and forgotten how to write…..

We have 9 subjects…. We have to write 20 pages for each subject to get only Passing marks….

And …….. And we will only have 5 days to write this

9 subjects – 5 days……

Why don’t you just kill us…… 😭😭😭😭😭

Bye bye my hands …. I loved you and I will miss you….. I know after writing non stop for this 5 days… You will leave me…… I will miss you my hands…. You help d me a lot and thank you for serving me whole this time.

I am sor y for not being able to save you 😭😭😭 bye bye 🤧🤧🤧🤧

9 thoughts on “Bye bye my hands🤧😭 (exams are here)

  1. 💜 …and I THOUGHT!! Snakes were a problem; one day I WILL!!! take an “exam” in Snake Handling then I WILL!!! Handle a Snake My Children…


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      1. 💜 I Sat in a French Exam and just Doodled; because I Spent my French classes Staring up the teachers short skirt…needless to say I FAILED!!! but here’s The Thing EveryOne; c’èst trés bònnè, món Frąncìás èt n’ést c’èst pás trés mál 🧐🤓😎


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  2. That’s the same way I felt when I had to go for classes @ University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

    It was funny, but it wasn’t. I got used to it shaa 😹

    Don’t worry, it’ll be fine

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