Author of the Idols

this is midnight radio. it’s 12:30 am right now. this beautiful and bright city Seoul is shining in the moonlight. the first exclusive of tonight is our most loveable and famous boyband WE7’s new song has broken all the previous record which were made them their selves though. it has become the most streamed MV on internet. let’s play this amazing song and and be tanked by their melodious voice.

two people are sitting in the van. they are in their 20s. both are wearing hoodie and they seem to be waiting for someone.

the other side.


a girl is running with a suitcase. she is being chased by around six guys.

she is having difficult breathing, she hardly catching her breath. her cloths are blood stained. her head is bleeding and vision are getting poor. she is trying to stay conscious.

she looks behind and runs. the road is deserted. she is running those guys are still chasing her.

” stop you b**ch!”

” you are dead once I catch you.”

” I’ll definitely catch you. stop right there.” shouting those hooligans.

she is running and bang!!!!!! collides into a van parked there.

she finds that there are someone in the van.

” please open the door. please let me in. please save me!” knocking the door and urging.

the driver looks at the two guys sitting in the van. they signalled the driver to open the door.

driver nods and opens the door.

the girl gets into the van quickly and closes the door.

she is trembling. she is drained in sweat.

” huff!!huff!! thank- thank you!.”

the two guys are looking at each other. one of them gives her water.

” are you okay miss? you are bleeding, do you want to go to the hospital.”

” some hooligans are chasing me. I… I….” and she collapsed.

” miss! miss! are you okay. come to your senses.” he taps on her arm and cheeks, tries to wake her up.

the other guy splashes water on her face but it doesn’t help.

” John! let’s take her to the hospital.” they guy looks panic and says.

” ummm.” John nods, ” driver take us to the near by hospital.”

” but sir what if get caught by paparazzi.” the driver’s voice trembles.

” someone is dying here and you are worrying about tomorrow’s headlines.” the other shouts. he looks furious and panic.

” Jimmy calm down. he is right.” John puts his hand on Jimmy’s shoulder.

” but John.” Jimmy says.

John pats on his shoulder and says, ” let’s take her to the set. KD (Kang dae) is still shooting in there. people there will give her first ad and then we’ll call the doctor. hmmm.”

Jimmy looks very worried for this stranger. how can he be so caring even for stranger .” John thinks and smiles.

John gets off of the van and looks around. he signalled Jimmy to get off. Jimmy lifts her up on his back.

John is walking forward and Jimmy hurries after him.

The other side

On the set

” no! KD!! you have to look up.”

” take the best shot in one snap.”

” someone fix hi make-up.”

everyone is quite busy. cameras, flashlights and other equipments are all over.

John and Jimmy enters the set.

” who is she?”

” she is injured. what happened.”

” Jimmy is taking her on his back.”

everyone on set started gossiping

” hey you guys!! what’s going on.” director shouted.

someone pointed finger on Jimmy who was walking in taking a girl his back.

KD ( Kang dae) walked fast towards Jimmy, ” what’s this.”

” stop asking and help me take her the infirmary.” Jimmy said.

” let me take her.” Kang dae stretched his hands.

” KD!! what are you doing. this cloths are pretty expensive. look at her state, it’s blood all over her.” Director nagged.

Kang dae gave director a scary glance.

” forget it. I’ll take her there by myself.” Jimmy quickly took her to the infirmary.

they layed her down on infirmary bed.

the medical staff quickly started to wipe the blood. and gave her first ad. John entered the infirmary room with the doctor.

doctor examined her.

” what is it doctor? is she okay?” Jimmy anxiously asked.

” she is fine. the injury doesn’t seem deep. she fainted because of exhaustion. let her rest for a while. once she gains her conscience, we can take her to the hospital for some tests.” doctor said.

Jimmy is looking at her with sympathetic and merciful eyes.

John and Kang dae entered the room. Jimmy was sitting on the near her bed and looking at her.

” now will you tell me where did you take this thing from.” Kang dae said.

Jimmy turned the Chair around, looked at Kang dae and said, ” she isn’t a thing but a human. a pitiful and helpless human.”

Jimmy turned the chair and made her quilt up.

” sigh!!! how hurt she would be. she must be in pain.” Jimmy said.

John and Kang dae exchanged the glances.

” let me tell you what happened.” John said to Kang dae. and told her the whole thing. how this girl collided into the van and asked for help.

” so she was being chased by hooligans.” KD said.

” hmmmm!!” John nodded.

“let’s think about it later what to do with this thin…” Kang dae was saying then he saw Jimmy’s glare, ” with this pitiful and needy girl, hmmm.”

Jimmy nodded and left the room. John and KD was looking at each other.

” sometimes this angel pictured guy looks scary too.” Kang dae said to John.

” his fans calls him angel for a reason. he cares for everyone and is sweet to everyone.” John said and looked at that unconscious girl.

” yeah of course. caring for her and giving us cold shoulder. that’s too unfair.” Kang dae looked at that girl and said.

” why!! are you jealous of this little girl? pffff!!!” John patted on KD’s shoulder and laughed.

” you have nothing good to do, no? but I have. let’s go.” KD pinched John’s cheeks and dragged him out with him.

The next day

that girl is slowly opens her eyes. her vision is still blurry. she closes her eyes and shakes her head slightly and opens her eyes again.

she rolls her eyes and looks around. a medical staff girl enters the room.

” you’ve woken up. how are you feeling.

the girl looks at her like she didn’t understand, ” where am I? what is this place?”

that nurse quickly calls the doctor.

” doctor! I think she is mute or she is a foreigner.”

” okay! get her some energy drink.”

doctor examines the girl.

” are you hurt anywhere? do you understand me?”

” of course I do. aren’t you speaking human language. I am fine, just a little headache.” says in a low voice.

doctor glares at her.

Jimmy enters the room.

” doctor! how is she? I heard she has woken up.” and looks at the girl. “sigh!!” feels relieved.

” thank God you are alright little girl.” Jimmy smiles at her happily.

the girl doesn’t response. she keeps staring at Jimmy.

” doctor! Is she mute?”

” how can she be mute. she speaks more than anyone .” doctor seemed to be annoyed by her.

John and KD enters the room.

the girl gets up and sits. she stares at three of them and then turns to doctor and said,

” doctor I think I’ve injured my head and brain severely.” she looks frightened.

” why? does your head hurt. how are you feeling.” doctor anxiously asked.

” I am hallucinating.”

” what are seeing in your hallucination.” doctor is quite panic as well Jimmy.
Kang dae and John are quite shocked too.

” I am seeing the member of WE7 here. Jimmy sir, John sir and….( she blushes ) and KD sir.”

” sigh!! pffff ” they ( jimmy, John and KD) laughs.

” I am seeing them as well.” doctor said.

” huhhhh!!” she laughed bitterly, ” doctor itself is hallucinating. how is he going to treat me.”

” pffff!!! pff!!!” jimmy, John and KD laughs.

” hey!! I am not hallucinating. they are actually here.” doctor shouts at her. ” they are one who saved you.”

Jimmy steps forward to her, ” little girl! are you alright?” warmly asks.

the girl smiles and says, ” thank you for saving my life twice.”

Jimmy looks at KD and john looks confused. he turns to her, ” twice means?”

she laughs lightly, ” nothing.” shakes head.

” do you feel unwell? shall we go to hospital for some examinations?” doctor asks.

” no! I’m fine. thank you dr. hallucination.” the girl smiles brightly.

” what do you mean by dr. hallucination?” doctor gets furious.

everyone laughs.

” I will call you dr. hallucination. isn’t it cute?” the girl says and smiles

Jimmy smiles at her and says ” you are cute.”

the girl smiles happily.

” now will you tell us who are you? why were you being chased? and how were in such state?” KD interrogates.

” my name is zaayra! I am an Indian. I work in a import and export company there. recently our company was merged with a Korean company so my company exported me here.” she sounds annoyed.

everyone looks at her with confused eyes when she said exported.

she looks at them and understands there confusion, ” ahh!! I mean they transferred me here. as soon as I came here my roommate kicked me out of the house accommodated by the company within 15 days.” she complaints

” why??” John looks curious. he seems to having fun listening her and watching her childlike expressions.

” because I asked her to not to drink and not bring her boyfriend at home. she isn’t living by alone. after all I also live there. she should be thoughtful about my privacy, was I wrong?” she makes puppy face like she will cry.

” of course not.” John shakes his head. “she should think about you.” he talks like talking to a kid.

” yeah!! so she kicked me out with my luggage. I was already in pitiful state and wandering on road at midnight and two perverts blocked my way and started to get on my nerves. so I beat them up.” she calmly says

” you mean you beat them up.” KD seems to be unable to believe it.

” yeah!! then ran away and brought their gang members from out of the blue.”

everyone is quietly listening to her.

” then one of them seemed to be their boss said ‘ I finally found you little girl’ and tried to catch me. I somehow managed to run but one idiot hit on my head. I hardly ran, and those street dogs started to chase me. and then I bumped into some car. I don’t remember anything after that.”

she waves her hand and hits the table. the TV remote drops down and news starts,

” welcome to Seoul times. today we are gonna to the director and the younger master of future entertainment company mr. won seo.”

“hey that’s the punk from that night. he is that pervert tried to catch me and chased me.” zaayra pointed at the TV.”

” did you really hit your head or something. why would a young master of such a big company will chase you around at night.” the doctor shouted at her.

” no doctor hallucination, I clearly remember this face of that brat.”

” don’t call me that.”

John and KD looked at each other signalled to leave the room. they took Jimmy along with them.

” KD! are you thinking the same thing as I am?”

” something is not right. this girl’s name and face is familiar. and won seo…. I can’t digest that he will chase a girl for some perverse reason.

” but why would won seo try to kidnap her. what is she?”

three of them finds it suspicious.

” let her stay here for few days. I’ll try to find out what is she. our other team members will be coming tomorrow. let’s finish the photoshoot before leader Hyun ki arrives.” Kang dae said and they left.

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