Love internship (story of jazzelle) part 20

Love Internship

story of jazzelle

Hey guys you must tell me in comments how do you like this story….. And what do you will happen next…..

“ What are you doing “ a guy suddenly came behind him and said.

“ Since when you have been standing behind me, Eric.” Ryan gets shocked but tries to hold it in and calmly asks.

Eric Alves, Ryan’s elder brother. A successful and excellent psychologist. He is 3 years older than Ryan. Both are like best friends.

“ when you turned off the laptop.” Eric said.

Ryan stood up and walked pass by Eric. Exhaled breath and smiled. ( Relieved)

“ who was that girl.” Eric hugged Ryan from back and said.

“ Brother! Didn’t you say you came after I turned off my laptop.” Ryan turned towards Eric and said.

Eric sat on the sofa and said, “ I didn’t say, I didn’t see anything before you turned off.” A foxy smile. Eric said, “ who was that girl. Ummm!!” Eric pulled Ryan hands and sat Ryan.

“ just An intern in my department.” Ryan coldly said

“ just an intern. You like her don’t you.” Eric started to tease him

“ how can you come to this conclusion.” Ryan turned his face and avoided to look at Eric.

“ okay! Okay! Leave it. But you will have a blind date soon. Are you prepared for it.” Eric put his hand on Ryan’s shoulder.

“ why would I prepare anything? She will doing it.” A suspicious smile is on his face.
Eric looks confused, he said, “ looks like you look forward to it.”
Ryan didn’t say anything just smiled and stood up. He went to his room.
Eric didn’t understand anything. He started to check his message
Eric’s phone screen ( Text arrived from miss Johansson ) “ hello doctor Eric. It’s me!
Eric is texting a message, “ hey! How have you been recently.”
Beep beep, “ I am good doctor Eric.”

Eric tested, “ You said you are having symptoms again. Is everything alright now.

, “ I had, but now everything is back to normal. Thanks for your concern.”

Eric texted, “ don’t mention it you didn’t show up last time, so I thought, you changed your doctor.”

“ how can I? Where can I find such an excellent doctor like you. This is just I was quite busy so couldn’t made it. I am sorry for that.”

Eric texts, “ as long as you are fine. If you manage time make sure to visit clinic. You still need a proper treatment.”

“ I’m can’t doctor Eric. I’m not living there any longer. As for treatment, I’m not sure. I think I’ll have to endure it.”

Eric looks panicked, he texts, “ what do you mean by ‘endure it’?

“ I am getting married,”

Eric is now more panicked, he furiously texts, “ but you know it’s not good for you. You need treatment, if it goes wrong, you are well aware that it is far from your endurance.”

“ I will make sure to take care of myself. I won’t be reckless. It’s not cut and dried yet. Let me meet my future husband first. I’ll try to explain him. If he agrees.”

Eric feels relieved, he texts, “ that’s good then I hope that person would be understanding enough. Don’t worry tell him you can definitely cure this illness.”

“ I have faith in you doctor Eric. Thank you very much.”

Eric smiles and texts, “ that’s what I should do. Now rest well.”

“ you too. Good night.”

10 thoughts on “Love internship (story of jazzelle) part 20

      1. 💜 YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome SupaSoulBro; it’s a Pleasure to Share and Serve, Stay Strong and Serene


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      2. I am strong… You know today I’ve done the corona vaccination…….. Although I hate injections but I didn’t feared and did it..😤…. ( But that needle was painfull) 😭
        But I did it ……..

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      3. 💜 Totally Agreed SupaSouBro; so Totally Agreed, I Hate “injections” too My Brother, My Friend


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      4. 💜 Oops, sorry and YOU!!! ARE NOT!!! “annoying” Me Little Princess Daughter; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that YOU!!! ARE Amusing YOUR!!! Doting Dad so, very good, carry on


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