Love Internship (story of jazzelle) part 19

Everyone went to their room. Jazzelle stood up and closed the door. She took her laptop and started making video diary.

“ Hello tiny! I am late today. You must be waiting for me.”

Ryan alves’s home.

Ryan’s sitting in front of his laptop and dozing off. After seeing jazzelle online. He sat properly.
“ yeah you are late. Stupid girl, can’t you be punctual even for your own day-to-day works.” Ryan is yelling at her.

Jazzelle’s home.

“ tiny!! ( Sounds sad) only three weeks more. After one week my examination will be started. It will take two weeks to finish this. And after that…. After that I will get engaged with that person my Mumma and dad has chosen for me. Blind date doesn’t matter. Can I know that I like that or not by meeting him for once.” Jazzelle is furious.

Ryan alves’s home.

“ dim witted girl. Why are you so sad over this. You already knew this would happen, didn’t you.”

jazzelle’s home

“ Though I was aware of it all this time. I knew this would happen. But stupidly I am hoping for a miracle. So that I can continue my job and…..” jazzelle has confused expression on her face. She is smiling and at the same time she is looking upset too.

Ryan alves’s home

“ you will came back. That’s for sure. And complete your sentence why are you spacing out, dumb headed girl.” Ryan also looks confused. He looks happy and furious at the same time.

Jazzelle’s home.

“acchhoo!!( Sneezing) tiny! I think someone is badmouthing about me. I was saying I want to continue my job and….eeeuuhhhh!! (Yawning) Tiny I think I am very tired. Let’s talk later. Jazzelle stood up.

Ryan alves’s home.

“ Wait! Wait! Jazzelle don’t go. At least say what you wanted to… hey you!!” Ryan stood up and grabbed the laptop and started to yell

Jazzelle’s home.

“ Ahh by the way” jazzelle sat again on the chair.

Ryan alves’s home.

Ryan also sat down and put the laptop on the table and gently said “ hmmmmm”

Jazzelle’s home.

“ tiny! Thank you. I myself don’t know why I’m thanking you. You are just a program but these days talking to you feels different. It’s like you feel me, understand me. I feel at ease. Thank you for being by my side.” jazzelle smiled.

“ Why do I feel superior is not far but here, next to me. It’s just a feeling maybe. It’s good if I don’t figure out my feelings. I don’t want to leave regrets.”

Ryan alves’s home.

Ryan is smiling. “ you are always welcome. You will come.”

“this snail, is she going to figure out her own feelings or not. She makes me crazy. We’ll meet soon jazzelle. Look forward to it.”

Both turned off their laptops and went to bed. Jazzelle lied down and hugged her bunny ( soft toy) and slept with a smile.

Ryan’s home.

“ What are you doing “ a guy suddenly came behind him and said

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